Highlighting / Banner Advertising

Should you want to occupy a position especially at short notice or want a particularly high level of attention for your job offer for other reasons, you have the opportunity not only to book one of our three options, but also to create it yourself 24/7:

With a banner ad, you present your job offer to every user (irrespective of their search criteria) and partly on the start page. And this not only on Karriere-Jura.de, but also on the job boards of several affiliates like Kommentar.de.

Search results listing

With a mouse click you can book the placement as 'Top Job', at the top of the hit list. Your job offer will then appear in the first three hits of the search results (even if the publication date is a long time ago). You can find the conditions here.

Boost job offer

Homepage banner

Highlighting / Banner on the homepage in the format 336 x 280 pixels.

You can find the conditions here.

Boost job offer

Search results banner

Highlighting / Banner in the search results in the format: 728 x 90 pixels.

You can find the conditions here.

Boost job offer


The banners are non-animated graphics and linked directly to your job offer. The banner can be generated directly by the customer and includes for example:

  • logo

  • background image

  • foreground picture

  • text

With our easy-to-use online tool, you can quickly create and publish an attractive advertising space that highlights your job offer in a prominent position (eg directly on the homepage).

The banners are automatically switched off when the advertised job ends.

The ad space is explicitly not displayed on every page view, but shares the placement with several other ad spaces that are displayed alternately. The background is that each advertising space is displayed only once per session of the visitor in order to achieve an optimal advertising effect.

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