Media information

On this platform, advertisers can reach the interesting and well-funded audience of lawyers and tax-accountants without any waste coverage.


Here you can book advertising space on the pages of the job market Karriere-Jura as well as in the "Karriere-Jura"-newsletter.


The sponsoring button is presented both on the pages of the job market as well as on the entry pages of the job market of the partner sites, where the job market is provided as a module.

Example for the format of a sponsor logo:

Description: Graphical advertising space, not animated, with direct link to your homepage. Format: 350 x 180 pixels *.

Sponsoring: Price per month flat rate from (details see price list): € 195

The following formats are available for banner advertising:

a) Newsletter advertising "Half" Banner (234 x 60 pixels) *

Example of an advertising space in the format "half size":

Graphical advertising space, also animated, with direct link to your homepage.

Banner format: 234 x 60 pixels * (also animated).

Price per 1,000 impressions € 20

b) Newsletter advertising large banner (468 x 60 pixels) *

Example of a full size advertising space:

Graphical advertising space, also animated, with direct link to your homepage

Banner format: 468 x 60 pixels * (also animated).

Price per 1,000 impressions € 30

* Other banner formats on request.

c) Newsletter text advertising

In addition to the banner formats, the advertising form of a text advertisement is also available in the 'Karriere-Jura' newsletter.
Four lines with 65 characters of text can be integrated.

Example of a text advertisement in the newsletter:

------Display--------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

Training course for example LL.M. at the University of Example, Maryland
The new training course for example LL.M will start soon. at the Muster Academy. Applicants can enroll until the first of July and should seek the necessary information and travel documents early. More information here: (Link).

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------Display---------

Price per 1,000 impressions (banner or text advertisement) € 90


Please send your order or any request concerning advertising possibilities directly to the adress:
Anzeigen [ at ]


Registered advertising agencies are rewarded with a 15% agency commission on the respective net insertion rate.

New agencies need to provide a copy of their certificate of registration along with their first order. No combination of discounts.


Your artwork should be sent by email to the adress Anzeigen [ at ] Please do not forget to indicate to which address the link should refer.


On request, we offer graphic design and text editing for your advertising space, for which we charge 85, - € per working hour. If we are to undertake work in this area, please also provide us with your graphics and company logos by e-mail.


The current price list applies; Price changes reserved.


All prices are net plus German VAT, except for clients located in the EU that provide their VAT.

Invoicing takes place on the day of initial publication of the advertisement or job-offer. Due date of all invoices at the latest eight days after date of invoice, net without deduction.


To the delivery and reproduction of ad texts and artwork our terms and conditions apply.

The undisturbed availability of the Internet transmission channels is beyond the influence of Karriere-Jura GmbH. For this reason, no guarantee can be given for the uninterrupted accessibility of the information offered on the Internet. The author alone is responsible for the content and accuracy of the information. Further guarantees do not exist on the part of the operator of the job exchange

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