Premium Profile

The interest of top applicants today goes far beyond the scarce content of a job advertisement.

For example, extensive background information on topics such as:

  • Training and further education
  • Type and scope of the client contact
  • Special features for associates (mentoring programs etc.)
  • Possibility of rotation through different offices or work groups
  • Paths to become a partner
  • Work-life balance
  • Foreign stations inhouse or with cooperation partners
  • Assistance with the acquisition of the specialist qualification
  • Assistance with the acquisition of the tax consultant qualification
  • Earning potential
  • Gratuities, company cars, holidays etc.

The publication of a premium company profile enables the presentation of such additional information including the company logo and link to your homepage in the clear structure of our system.

This presentation is not only ideal for your employer branding, but also allows you to communicate your requirements to applicants in such a way that some "unsuitable" applications may no longer take up your valuable time in the future.

You can book the premium company profile right here:

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