Free templates for your application

Templates for job application, cover letter and CV

The design of cover letter and CV for the application as a lawyer brings a few special challenges:

After you have found some interesting job offers for lawyers , you might soon find yourself asking you, how to present all the stations of the traineeship place-saving, so that the CV is complete and meaningful, but still fits on two pages?

Also, the layout is to convey this special mix of serious, professional and tasteful, which is usually not found as lawyers imagine in the generally available application templates.

Therefore, we have created some sample templates designed for the specific needs of lawyers. These can be downloaded here for free. All templates are in Word for Windows format and can be customized.

The only requirement for the free download: Put a Like on social media or post a tweet. The download starts immediately and does not oblige to anything else.


Templates for job application, cover letter and CV

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